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This is my inspiration album which includes works and objects of designers and photographers, all in line with my aesthetic values. I am a graphic designer with vast interest in architecture and interior design. Currently I am studying museology. I reside in the beautiful West Galilee – Israel, along with my husband, 3 boys and Golden Retriever.

5 Responses to “my profile”

  1. Heather Roberts Says:

    What an inspirational blog! I feel lucky to have found a blog that combines both my love for design and architecture, with my love for Israel. I have only been once through Birthright, and didn’t get a chance to see any of the design in israel besides the bauhaus! Your blog is making me plan my trip back sooner. Oh Galilee.. how I miss it. Thank you for sharing the wonderful images!


  2. Dedy Says:

    Wow!… you’re back!… I’m real pleased…
    It’s been over a year now and I’ve given up on your fantastic blog…
    Just re-found it today via a google search for the Belgian architect Vincent van Duysen
    Thanks for ‘re-surfacing’

    London UK

  3. mopu42 Says:

    Thank you for the complements!!
    It is an inspiration reading your words.

  4. deardesigners Says:

    What a beautiful blog. I have just found you via Desire to Inspire. I’ll be following your feed from now on. Carole

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